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Laptop Repairs Liverpool

Please Select your Fault below..

laptop screen repair

Free diagnose,
NO FIX, NO FEE policy.

laptop virus repair
laptop cracked screen repair
dead laptop repair not turning on

Harmful software, viruses, bug, trojans, popouts removal

We'll clean your computer from those internets nasty’s that spy on your personal data and cause havoc with your system. 

There are 2 ways to fix software issue and it depends on how badly infected the computer is. 

If it's not severe we can fix it Delete repeated word for £19. If the infection is very bad we would have to do a full windows reloads. 

Virus, Adware, Spyware removal - £19

Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8 reload - £35

Windows 10 reinstallation- £39

spyware removal liverpool
malware removal, malware removal liverpool
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15" not touch screen repairs are £69 and gets done in 30min.


17" not touch screen repairs are £79 and we can do them in 30min.


For any other size not touch screen and all the touch screens please call us and ask our helpful staff for details about prices and availability, Get your make and model nr (that can be found on the bottom of your laptop.


Cracked screen repairs

cracked screen repair liverpool

We have all the main laptops screens in stock and we repair them while you wait in around 20min. If you have a touch screen or an uncommon size Laptop for example 12", 14" give us a call and ask our friendly staff about the price and availability in stock.

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Laptop dead not showing any sign of life.

Laptop not turning on repair is unique with every damaged laptop. 

Please bring it into our shop and leave it with our Technician for a free diagnose and repair time frame.

We operate at an NO FIX, NO FEE policy so don't worry about a thing.

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Laptop hinge and casing repairs

We have the most common laptop hinges and casing in stock and can fix them the same day. Unfortunately, due to thousands of different models, we can't stock them all. Please call the shop and ask our friendly staff about the price and time frame on a hinge or casing repair.

Before you call please have your laptop model number ready from the bottom of your laptop.

laptop case repair
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Laptop keyboard, touchpad and mouse repair

We have the most common laptop keyboards and trackpads in stock and can fix them the same day. Unfortunately, due to thousands of different models, we cant stock them all. Please call the stock and ask our friendly staff about the price and time frame on a keyboard or touchpad repair.

Before you call please have your laptop model number ready from the bottom of your laptop.

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Laptop dc-jack, charging port repair

Laptop charging port or so-called DC-Jack repair is repaired the same day by our Technician. We have 2 different prices as there are 2 different types of charging ports. The price varies from £35 to £45. 

laptop not charging repair
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Laptop water & liquid damage repair

Laptop water damage repair is unique with every damaged laptop. 

Please bring it into our shop and leave it with our Technician for a free diagnose and repair time frame.

We operate at an NO FIX, NO FEE policy so don't worry about a thing.

laptop water damage repair
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Laptop crashing at the blue screen od death

Laptop crashing at a blue screen is mainly caused by a faulty hard drive. 

But it might be many different reasons for it like faulty Ram memory or a crashing Video Card. Please bring it into our shop and leave it with our Technician for a free diagnose and repair time frame.

We operate at an NO FIX, NO FEE policy so don't worry about a thing.


Laptop hard drive repair
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Laptop overheating turning of or indicating faulty fan.

If your laptop is running very noisy and goes slow when the fan kicks to higher spin your experiencing an overheating issue that sometimes might even cause your laptop to turn off. In this case, you need a service new cooling paste and radiator. We offer this service at a price range of £29-£35. If your laptop is getting warm but you don't hear the fan at all it indicates that your fan is faulty and should be replaced the range of that repair is £35-£59.

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Alienware Laptop Repairs

For Alien ware laptop repairs please call the shop with your model number prepared. As all Alienware laptops have very specific parts and we need to check the availability and price.

laptop repairs liverpool
laptop repair liverpool
laptop screen repair

We have all types of laptop screens in stock. 

Call us to book in a same-day repair service.

            Most common Repairs


1. Laptop cracked display  repair £55-129. Repair done in 15-30 min.


2. Laptop virus removal £15 - Repair done the same day.


3. Windows Reload £35 - Repair done the same day.   


4. Laptop DC Jack (charger port) repair £45, same day repair.

 In some cases it may take up to 3 days.


5. Laptop overheating (crashing, freezing, running slow)  £25. The same day repair. 


            Call us to book in a repair.


        Other less common repairs below

      Laptop Repairs Pricelist

Up to 12 months warranty.

Windows Reload + office + antivirus + antispyware + all needed software               £35

Windows Reload+ all needed software + (data backup restore)                                 £45

Laptop virus Scan & Removal repair                                                                                £20

Laptop Malware Scan & Removal repair                                                                         £20

Screen replacement price dependent on size and technology                                   £20

DC Jack Repair (Laptop not charging not turning on)                                                    £35-£45

Laptop keyboard replacement (brand new keyboard repair                                      £25-£45

Data backup                                                                                                                          call us

Data recovery from                                                                                                              call us

Computer Health Check (chk disk/malware/temp/reg)                                                   call us

Laptop DVD drive repair                                                                                                     £15-£30

Laptop Hard drive repair                                                                                                   £35

Laptop Motherboard repairs                                                                                             call us

Laptop USB and any other Ports repair from                                                                 £35-£45

Chip Rebelling (Black screen repair when turned on, artifacts on the screen, etc) call us

Laptop maintenance & repair (when laptop overheats or is noisy)                            £25

(new fans + new thermal paste on all chips)


All other repairs Ask for a price

FiX-IT Laptop Repair Liverpool helps individuals and businesses get back to work with a complete laptop and notebook repair services. Founded on the simple belief of quality service and workmanship at a competitive price, FiX-IT strives to be your first and last choice for all your laptop computer needs.

FiX-IT is about getting you back up to full speed with a properly functioning laptop or notebook computer. Our fully trained technicians can handle any problem with any make or model. Here are a few of the services we offer:



  • General Repairs

  • Power Jack Repair

  • Motherboard Repair

  • Laptop screen repair Liverpool

  • Memory Upgrade

  • Hardware enhancements and upgrades

  • Hard Drive Upgrade

  • Data Recovery Liverpool

  • Total Data Confidentiality - We will make sure that you do not lose your data!

  • Fastest turnaround time! - Most repairs are done the same day!

  • Laptop screen repair while you wait in 20 min most of the screens in stock.

  • Laptop black screen repair in 24h. All parts in stock



Whether you are an individual or small business, FiX-IT Laptop repairs Liverpool can help you get your laptop up and running. Simply bring your laptop to us and we'll do the rest.

We understand deadlines and the importance of reliability. Our specialists have special training to conduct our business at a very professional level. If you are a small business, FiX-IT Laptop Repair Liverpool also offers customized Service Contacts to help manage your laptop repair needs. Contact us today to speak to a FiX-IT representative.

Common faults: laptop, MacBook, iMac


  • You turn your laptop on the fan spins, you hear the laptop start, but there is a black screen. Then more likely your BGA chip needs re-balling or replacing.


  • Your laptop doesn’t turn on at all and doesn't charge the batteries (battery charging diode is not turning on) then you need a dc jack repair or in rare cases a motherboard repair.


  • Your laptop boots up then start's loading Windows then shows a blue screen (blue screen of death). This can be caused by numerous issues that are outlined below.


a) This could be Window corruption and needs the Windows reloading back onto the laptop.

b) In some cases it can be the hard drive that is faulty due to bad sectors on the drive, if this happens then you will need to replace the hard drive.

c) In some cases, it's one of your BGA chips (GPU, North Bridge, south bridge). d) In some cases it’s your Ram

e) In some cases it’s your processor

f) In some cases it’s some other fault more likely a motherboard fault.

  • When you turn on your laptop and the screen is dim almost black but you can see some white marks on its most likely due to your GPU failing (75%) or your inverter (20%) and last but not least you cable (4%).


  • When your laptop doesn't see the DVD drive its most likely not the DVD drive but you south bridge is slowly dying.


  • If your keyboard or touchpad does not work and you did not spill anything on it (75%) of the cases it’s the south bridge, in 15% of the case it’s the cable connecting the motherboard, and only in 5% of the case, it’s the keyboard or mouse.


  • When your mouse pointer starts to act strange, usually it’s the charger and not the mouse pad.


  • When your laptop is running slow it’s not always because it’s too weak or old. In most of the cases the thermal paste got hard and didn't anymore connect the processor and BGA Chips to the cooling system or there is so much dust between the fan and the cooling system that the air flow stops and does not cool it at all. This makes your laptop overheat and slowly make the chips on the motherboard start to fail (due to an effect ‘thermal runaway’)


So as you can see it’s not an easy job trying to identify your fault with your laptop, this normally comes with time and experience when fixing these devices. In some cases, some repair shops will always try to offer you brand new equipment and buy or trade your existing faulty equipment, to then be used for spares or be refurbished.


It’s a bit easier to fix Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStations iPhone and iPad’s or any other tablets or smartphones. As all the repairs are easy to diagnose and repair.


So in some cases, we are similar to the competition out there.

When it comes to repairing Laptops and computers or repairing Apple MacBook’s and Apple iMacs. Fix-IT Repairs is the best place to go in Liverpool and one of the best if not the best Repair Centre in the UK.

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