Terms & Conditions part 1
FiX-IT Terms & Conditions 2013:
  1. Laptop repair Liverpool No inspection Fee, you get free diagnostics. Time spent by the technicians in disassembling, diagnosing or assessing the issue to ascertain a cause and resolution. Smartphone repair Liverpool.

  2. Computer repair Liverpool Installing outlook or other applications & setting them up in our store may work fine but when shifted to a new environment i.e. bringing the computer home and using outlook or another application may not work due to a different network setup / layout wither dialup, high-speed or wireless. Smartphone repair Liverpool.

  3. Laptop repair Liverpool Software cover, Virus /Trojans /Spyware /Adware /Fake ware /Updates /Applications added/Application Changes /Cache /Script affects /Process conflicts that damage or change an Operating System or Software environment are not covered under a warranty. Smartphone repair Liverpool.

  4. Laptop repair Liverpool Personal Data, FiX-IT is not liable for loss of data during Servicing of a PC or other device. We recommend removing all SIM and memory cards before servicing. Where a backup is offered and not accepted or data to be backed up is not included/correctly defined FiX-IT is not liable. Note in the event of backup failing you will be provided with secondary solutions ASAP. Smartphone repair Liverpool.

  5. Computer repair Liverpool PC, phone & other issues not stated in the job notes will not be diagnosed and FiX-IT Ltd is no liable. Customers must have advised the agent and a note must be made for each issue needing to be fixed. Smartphone repair Liverpool.

  6. Laptop repair liverpool Items held by FiX-IT LTD, TVs, Hi-Fi Components & printers held after 1 week of a quote being issued or a repair completed; without contact or reasonable explanation will incur a storage fee of £1 per day. If not fully paid off and collected or a quote left pending for more than 30 days the item will be recycled and FiX-IT Ltd will dissolve all liabilities (30 days adhere to all electronic devices). Smartphone repair Liverpool.

  7. Computer repair Liverpool Items sent to recycle, all items not claimed within 30 days once a quote is issued or a repair job is completed, will be recycled. At which point FiX-IT is no longer liable to the client or any third party. All bad debts will be moved to the debt collector where you will incur a record on your personal credit history. Recycle fee may apply. Smartphone repair Liverpool.