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Lottery !

20000 customer number arrived. Thank you ALL! Now let's run a Lottery!

Only 254 customers made it to the final round and a text will be sent out to them. Everyone has at least 3% chance to win, that is if all would leve a Review, and my self i hink it's only gonna by one third tops

So i guess it will be around 10%, one out of ten GOOD luck !

Prizes are as follows to pick from:

1. Unlocked iPhone 6s or Samsung s7 edge

2. iPad 4 or Samsung Tab Pro.

3. to 10. Power bank or charging case or free screen protector & case.


1. Prizes will be drawn from Fix IT Liverpool customers that joined the lottery by leaving a review between 19 August 2017 and 31 August 2017

2. If someone wins number one he or she can change it for number two or three. If somone wins number two he or she can change it to number three.

3. One customer can only win once.

The lottery draws at 31 August 2017 at 1pm. Winners pictures while holding the prizes will be taken and posted on this blog post once they collect the prize.

Thank you for bringing your business to Fix IT Liverpool.

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