Same Day Walk In Repairs Liverpool

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Hardware related issues

Broken or faulty screen not turning on, not charging, freezing, suddenly turning off, cracked casing, input device not working, sound, Wi-Fi, camera not working.

Software related issues

Reinstalling Windows or Mac operating systems.

Removing viruses and spyware. 

Upgrading your operating system.

Data Recovery,

Data Backup.

Not sure what's the problem with your device

Phone repairs- iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, Nokia, etc.


Tablet Repairs - iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung Tab, Blackbery Playbook, etc


Laptop repairs - Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, HP, etc.


Apple Mac's - Macbook Pro & Air, iMac, MacTV, iPod, etc.


PC Desktop Computer Repairs - HP, Dell, Custom made, etc.


Playstation PlayStation Repairs, Xbox 360 repairs

For other types of repairs look in the roll out menu from that appears after putting the cursor above "Repair Menu" button.

Laptop screen repair

Fast & reliable.

We offer replacment phones & computers for the time of repair as well as a "the same day" repair.                                                       

Computer repairs



Is your computer, laptop, Mac or other computing devices slow, faulty or damaged? FiX-IT offers an affordable, fast and guaranteed repair service that is trusted by UK’s leading insurance companies.

Why choose FiX-IT?

  • Expert technicians – MCP, MCSE, CCNA qualified

  • Authorized repairer for leading insurance companies

  • 100% guaranteed repairs

  • loan PCs & laptops

  • free diagnostics


IT Support Plans

Is your business looking for an easy and affordable way to get on-call IT support? FiX-IT offers made IT Support Plans specifically designed for the needs of small business.

All benefits of FiX-IT Support Plans?

  • A reduction in expensive downtime and overall IT costs

  • 6 days a week support from professional IT technicians

  • Set monthly investment with no hidden costs

Smartphones & tablets: apple iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Tab. or any other make.

Is your mobile device broken or faulty? Don’t throw it away or get a new one when you can get it repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Why choose FiX-IT?

  • Expert technicians

  • Authorized repairer for leading insurance companies

  • Affordable repairs – NO inspection fee 

  • 100% guaranteed repairs

  • FREE courtesy phones

Consoles PlayStation & Xbox repairs 

Console Repairs

Is your Console faulty or broken? FiX-IT is an electronic repair specialist and can diagnose and fix your console, PlayStation, Xbox360  and have you up and running in no time at all.

Why choose FiX-IT?

  • Qualified electronics technicians

  • Authorised repairer for leading insurance companies

  • 100% guaranteed repairs


Trade in or sell

Trade-in or sell Your Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Console, etc.

Time for a new machine?

Don’t know what to do with your old or damaged one?  Why not trade-in your old equipment working or not. Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Console etc.

For a great discount on one of the latest models, that we have in stock.

Why trade-in at FiX-IT?

  • Save yourself the hassle of selling your old computer

  • Great selection of laptops, netbook, tablets and desktops to upgrade to

  • Your data from your old computer will be professionally removed or transferred to your new machine


Software & hardware 

Windows and Mac operating system upgrades or downgrades the same day.

Upgrading a notebook or a computer, Apple or Windows-based.

RAM, processor's, Graphic Card's, Hard Drive's, Screen's, motherboard's, optical drives.