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FIX-IT REPAIRS LIMITED was created by Christopher William Davenport and Mateusz DYBALSKI-STOLARCZYK., the company operates from 150 County Road, Liverpool.

Our sister company SIMPLYLCD COMPUTERS, also operates from a market stall inside Southport Market. SIMPLYLCD offers a reduced repair service, outsourcing more complex jobs to FIX-IT REPAIRS LIMITED.

We at FIX-IT REPAIRS LIMITED will provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for the repair of computers, laptops, phones and games console in house. This will differentiate us from the crowd who normally outsource a majority of the complex repairs to 3rd party repair centers.

We will provide a new customer experience offering that will be able to sell, repair or offer trade in for computers, laptops, phones and game consoles.


We offer a repair service to the home user market that offers the following services.


  1. Windows / Apple reloads

  1. Virus scans / malware removal

  2. IPhone repairs – screen / power / home button / audio / charger /etc.

  3. iPad repairs - – screen / power / home button / audio / charger / etc.

  4. Smart Phone repairs generally

  5. Data backup / recovery

  6. Desktop / laptop repairs

  7. Laptop motherboard repair

  8. DC jack repair

  9. Laptop screen repair

  10. Hardware diagnostics

  11. Apple Mac repairs: iMac, MacBook

  12. Training to similar repair companies outside of our market territory

  13. Web design + search engine optimization and positioning + Facebook + twitter campaigning. At great price of £150 + £100 per month for maintenance full assistance, domain and hosting. Will also offer this service at a discounted special offer to our training clients.



We have been working in the field for over 10+ years, and we see all kinds of faults. However most of the faults arise from ‘dropping’, ‘drinking’ or ‘overheating’ your device.


Remember that your IPhone, iPad do not bounce when dropped, more likely to break into pieces, and crack the screen or casing.


Your laptops don’t like tea or coffee and when given a drink will not recover from it, just like yourself.


Plugging your Nokia charger into your Tablet, is only going to send it one way to the next grave.


You may think that people would be more careful with their gadgets, but when you lend your iPad to your 3 year old son, there is bound to develop a cracked screen.


So next time your iPad, IPhone or tech gadgets suffer some stress then bring it down to FIX-IT Repairs to give is some gentle TLC, and bring it back to health.


To explain how Fix-IT Repairs is the best choice to bring your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Laptop, games console for repair.


We are going to look in more detail , some of the common faults that can occur on laptops, xbox360, PS3, iPhones, iPad, IPod’s , Smartphones, Nintendo Ds lite, Dsi.

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